Launch of NBS podcast series

Published 11.02.2022 , last updated 16.09.2023

PHUSICOS has launched its new podcast series on nature-based solutions. This provides an introduction to NBS and presents current NBS projects, challenges and findings.

This NBS podcast series is composed of episodes which present key topics in NBS such as collaborative planning and co-benefits and episodes which present case studies of NBS in Europe. The podcasts were supervised by Dr. Aude Zingraff-Hamed and Dr. Gerd Lupp from the Technical University of Munich and co-hosted by Marcelian Handoko and Joshua Huang, two working students from the Technical University of Munich.

Clockwise from top: Marcelian Handoko, Joshua Huang, Anna Scolobig, Juliette Martin, and JoAnne Linnerooth-Bayer discussing NBS governance

Clockwise from top: Amy Oen introducing NBS; Nicola Del Seppia explaining the Serchio river basin NBS; Anders Solheim and Stephan Pauleit discussing urban and rural NBS;

The podcast series is a 10-part series with episodes lasting about 15 minutes. Each week a new episode will be published. During these episodes, experts and practitioners in the field of NBS address interesting questions pertaining to the relevant topics or case studies and share their knowledge and experience in NBS.

Here is the link of the podcast series:

Marcelian Handoko (left) is originally from Indonesia and is currently a bachelor’s student in landscape architecture at the Technical University of Munich. Her research interests are green infrastructure and forestry. As a working student in the PHUSICOS project, she has co-hosted the NBS podcast series and designed maps and graphics for visual communication. Joshua Huang (right) is originally from the United States and is currently a master’s student in civil engineering at the Technical University of Munich. His research interests include NBS, climate risk, and sustainable urban development. As a working student in the PHUSICOS project, he has co-hosted the NBS podcast series, conducted research on NBS, governance, and collaborative planning, and supported publication work in NBS.

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Dr. rer. nat. Aude Zingraff-Hamed, Research Associate,
Chair for Strategic Landscape Planning and Management, Technical University of Munich